Holiday Property Management


Weekly Property management

Cyprus Homes for Holidays offer a weekly management service where we will visit your property once a week and  carry out a thorough check.

We check the security of your property.

Look for any issues that may have arisen due to adverse weather conditions.


Empty post box making sure all bills are being paid and scan to you if required.

Clear surface drains of any debris.

Check plumbing and waste.

Run the taps and clean tap filters.

Flush toilets and air property.

24 hour call out for your guests while the property is occupied.

Weekly management costs start at 17 Euro per month.

Arrival / Departure Clean

Cyprus Homes for Holidays offers thorough and professional cleaning and laundry service which can be tailored to the customers individual requirements.

We will give your property a thorough clean, make up required beds with fresh sheets and put out clean towels before you or your guests arrive. Your guests will have our telephone number prior to their arrival in case of any unforeseen problems getting to your property, we will visit your guests usually the following day so they have a point of contact and know someone is on hand in case of any problems.
When you or your guests leave we go in and secure the property, check the property is tidy an inventory check for damage and breakage, empty bins and remove all perishables, all bedding, towels, bath mats laundered and ironed, finally switch of electric.
If there are any problems a report will be sent to you.

Cost for this service start at 50 Euro for a 1 bed apartment.

Washing and ironing from 5 Euro per person plus 5 Euro standing charge.

Shopping can be arranged prior to your or your guests arrival for a small fee